Meet Attorney Christopher Phillippe

 During his career as a delinquent tax collection attorney, Christopher Phillippe found himself at a fork in the road. Would he continue foreclosing on people’s houses, no matter how uncomfortable it made him feel, or would he leave his career behind to start a firm that would save their houses?

Mr. Phillippe knew what he had to do, and after making his decision, he hasn’t turned back. He felt much more at ease helping people who are in dire straits financially to see what options they have rather than losing everything, and that’s what pushed him to go into bankruptcy law.

Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Explained

Chapter 7

Under Chapter 7, also referred to as asset liquidation, non-exempt personal assets are liquidated to pay creditors a portion of what you owe. Most assets (e.g. home equity, vehicles, furnishings, and retirement funds) are exempt under Texas statutes, so most people will not lose any personal property. While Chapter 7 can be filed when businesses are overwhelmed in debt, it is usually only beneficial for small businesses and sole proprietors to use.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings are for large businesses and corporations that wish to remain in operation but need creditor relief. They are also suitable for high net worth individuals. This type of bankruptcy can be very complex and involved, so it’s imperative to work with an expert bankruptcy attorney. In most cases, you may be able to keep your business so long as you repay your creditors as a debtor in possession or appoint a bankruptcy trustee to run your company for you.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is usually a good option for individuals or sole proprietors who have significant assets and a steady source of income. In Chapter 13, a payment plan is established to repay creditors over time without additional penalties and interest. Chapter 13 bankruptcy also allows you to keep your home if you’re in danger of foreclosure. In fact, once a petition is filed with the courts, all collection actions must stop. This lets you make the necessary arrangements without fear of harassment from lenders.

Bankruptcy is Enshrined in Our Constitution to Provide Citizens Relief From Circumstances Beyond Their Control

One of bankruptcy’s biggest pitfalls that greatly affects people is their credit report. Usually, it reflects that you filed bankruptcy for 10 years, but the good news is, banks only look back seven years to make loans, and a debtor can immediately start rebuilding credit after filing.

For example in Chapter 7, a debtor can have basic credit established in two or three years. In Chapter 13, which is normally a 5-year plan, the trustee will reestablish a credit score in the 600’s after successful completion.

 At Law Offices of Philippe and Associates, we help our clients see bankruptcy not as a failure, but as a tool that is available when people find themselves in financial situations where they have little or no control over.

Let the Law Offices of Philippe and Associates help you get back on your feet today.

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Practice Areas


Attorney Chris Phillippe has been practicing in Bankruptcy Court since the early 1990s. He has handled close to 5,000 bankruptcy filings for our clients. These include cases of:
► Chapter 7
► Chapter 11
► Chapter 13

Family Law

During the past 35 years Attorney Chris Phillippe has handled more than 2,500 Family Law cases and addressed:
​► Divorce
► Child Support
► Adoptions
► Child Custody Disputes


I have extensive experience handling Will Disputes, Estate Planning (both simple and extensive), Elder Law, Heirship and Guardianship, as well as a broad scope of other legal Probate issues.

Criminal Law

Served as a State Prosecutor for nearly four years. He had many successful trials in that role. In addition, he served as City Attorney and Prosecutor for the City of Montgomery, Texas.
Since that time he has represented clients accused of:
► Sex Offenses
► Capital Murder
► Theft
► Other criminal charges

Personal Injury

From small fender-bender auto accidents to catastrophic accidents resulting in multiple deaths—the Law Offices Of Phillippe & Associates has represented many Personal Injury clients.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to the practice areas described above, the Law Offices Of Phillippe & Associates has decades of experience addressing:
► Real Estate Transactions
► IRS Disputes
► Breach of Contract
► Commercial Disputes
► Construction Cases

Dedicated to Resolving Your Legal Issues

Our friendly staff members look forward to working with you to resolve your legal issues. We will apply our many years of proven expertise to represent your best interest. If English is your second language, our Spanish-speaking staff members can help. 

Please call us for the legal assistance you need.



Chris handled my bankruptcy challenges well beyond satisfactory, he is well known in the Rio Grande valley of Texas. He completed my Bankruptcy beyond my expectations.


Francisco Gutierrez

El abogado Phillippe es el más indicado para ayudar con la bancarrota. Me salvo mi casa y me ayudo a seguir con los pagos para pagar deudas poco a poco.


Joseph V

Thanks to The Law Office of Phillippe and Associates, I got to keep my house and mycar. I could file without paying cash up front with their plan. I recommend them verymuch.


Lopez Family

Mr. Phillippe is knowledgeable not only in personal bankruptcies but in business bankruptcies as well. Sometimes unfortunate circumstances lead us to make tough choices but Mr. Phillippe explains how these decisions are sometimes tough but necessary. I recommend this law firm because they were both helpful and friendly.



When I lost my job I couldn’t keep up with paying my bills and attorney Phillippe helped me through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I am able to keep up with the payment plan and saved my house.


Rita Lerma

El abogado Phillippe tiene un plan de bancarrota donde uno no tiene que tener el dinero en efectivo para archivar una bancarrota y eso fue lo que me ayudo por que no veía como iba a poder salvar mi casa. Sus ayudantes me guiaron y estoy muy agradecido.


Sandra Q

When I was about to lose my house due to foreclosure, Mr. Phillippe and his staff helped me to save it and got me on a payment plan. I am so thankful that I found this firm and I don’t have to worry about it.


Cristy Torres

Mr. Phillippe has been in the Valley are a very long time and when I got in trouble financially I knew he would be the one to contact. He and his staff are very professional and they led me through the bankruptcy procedure and now I got my life back together.


Tracy M. Morales

Mr. Phillippe and Cindy Valadez have been an awesome attorney and legal secretary have been very understanding of my case and took the time and effort to give me and my son a peace of mind as well as our happiness. I would recommend Mr. Phillippe as an attorney for a complicated case. He’ll will do his best all the time. Thank you.


Eyvette Ventura

Mr. Phillippe was my criminal attorney and was very helpful. He met with the District Attorney to discuss my case. I was kept up to date and was very fortunate to have found an attorney like him that went out of his way to prove I was innocent. I ALWAYS recommend him to my friends and family!!!


J. Rankin

Hands Down…the best attorney in the country. I was kept informed, and contacted on a regular basis as to the status of my case. Mr. Phillippe returned all my phone calls, and was available to answer any questions I might have. I truly felt that my case was his #1 priority. I won!!!
Whenever I am asked if I know a good attorney, I recommend him.


Ecstatic – 5 Stars!

Before seeing Mr. Phillippe, I had gone to 4 other attorney’s for help. No one seemed to understand how to help me out and didn’t seem to understand what I needed. I can honestly tell you that by the time I left his office I knew that I had made the right decision in going with him. I am beyond satisfied with the services I received from him, I was informed of everything that was going on with my case at all times. From my previous experiences most attorney’s do not do that and you hardly ever see them. Thanks to Christopher Phillippe everything was in my favor and I know that I could not have done that if I had gone with anybody else. I am and always will be grateful to him for being understanding of my needs.