Given all of the lawyer jokes you’ve probably heard, it seems fair to say that lawyers tend to get a bad rap. However, this April 13th, we hope you’ll take a moment to learn about the essential and life-changing services caring lawyers perform for their clients all year long.

While most of us are familiar with the stereotype of the greedy corporate lawyer out for money and their own gain, the truth is that many lawyers are in the business out of concern for the members of their community. 

Today, your Brownsville family and bankruptcy law attorneys at the Law Offices of Phillippe and Associates will shed light on why “Be Kind to Lawyers Day” was created, and how we dedicate ourselves to kindness every day of the year.

The Purpose of “Be Kind to Lawyers Day”

There are plenty of reasons to take time to celebrate “Be Kind to Lawyers Day.” Firstly, lawyers are an essential part of our justice system. Without lawyers going to work and doing their jobs, victims of wrongdoing might be unable to get the justice they deserve. However, giving lawyers respect for doing their jobs is arguably a kindness that we give most other civil servants without question.

The more important reason for this specific holiday is to dispel the many myths surrounding lawyers and the work they do. While there are undoubtedly selfish and nefarious lawyers, most attorneys practice law to help those who have been wronged or to help citizens access the assistance they deserve.

Christopher Phillippe’s Personal Commitment to Kindness

Christopher Phillippe has his own story in regards to his work and the impact it has had on others. While he began his career as a delinquent tax attorney, he was soon conflicted about the work he was doing foreclosing on peoples’ homes. He felt he could better serve his community by helping people keep their homes, rather than taking them away.

Since transitioning into bankruptcy and family law, Mr. Phillippe has felt much more at ease with the role he plays in the lives of his clients. Now, he is able to offer help to those facing significant financial issues in order to help them avoid losing everything.

This urge to help rather than harm was what pushed him to adjust his career path, and he’s never regretted it.

Ways to Celebrate

While writing a thank you note or taking your lawyer out to lunch are certainly both great ways to show you care, you don’t have to go all out to celebrate and be kind to your lawyer. Instead, take the time to learn about the positive work lawyers do, and perhaps remind your friends and loved ones that the image of the greedy lawyer is largely a myth. In fact, many lawyers charge nothing for their services if your case is unsuccessful.

Your Compassionate Brownsville Family Law and Bankruptcy Attorney

No matter what led you to the financial or marital trouble you are in, everyone deserves kindness. Whether you’re facing debts beyond what you can pay off, a family separation, or the execution of a loved one’s will, the Brownsville family law and bankruptcy lawyers would be honored to help you.

If you need the help of a committed, caring family law attorney in Brownsville, Texas, reach out to the Law Offices of Phillippe and Associates today!

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