4 Steps to Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney 

Family law deals with some incredibly emotional decisions and serious changes in an individual’s life. Because of this, choosing the right family law attorney is especially important. However, due to the emotions involved, choosing between lawyers can feel impossible.

Fortunately, there are some very clear questions you can ask yourself to help make this process a little easier. By using the following specific set of steps, you can hopefully avoid feeling overwhelmed by the choice.

Today, your compassionate Brownsville family law attorney at the Law Offices of Phillippe and Associates will list four steps to choosing the right family law attorney for you and your loved ones. 

1. Use Consultations to Interview Prospective Attorneys

Most lawyers are happy to schedule a free consultation with you in order to help you decide whether you require their services and if their litigation style will work for you. When you do make these calls, be as clear as you can regarding your needs and goals. Keep these questions in mind:

  • Will you be able to get along with this attorney?
  • Is the attorney easily accessible for communication?
  • Will the attorney generally respond quickly to requests for communication?
  • Do their fees and costs work with your budget?

Once you’ve consulted with a few attorneys, you should have a better idea of which attorney best suits your needs, budget, and communication style.

2. Choose Based on the Lawyer, Not the Firm

Especially in family law cases, it’s crucial to have a relationship with the lawyer who is handling your case. However, that relationship doesn’t mean anything if your case is going to be passed off to an associate. 

While you might respect a law firm and the partners who run it, it’s essential that you know who and how your case will be managed. You can determine this answer by being straightforward and asking, “Will you be the one actually handling my case?”

3. Look for Experience with Your Needs

No one can deny that the legal field is complex. Each area of law has specific rules, norms, and regulations that must be followed or else you risk racking up fines, losing leverage, and generally extending the amount of time it will take to meet your needs. With that being said, it’s in your best interest to seek the assistance of an attorney who is familiar with the area of law related to your case. 

Put simply, if you are seeking a divorce, a car accident attorney may not be as familiar with the process as an actual divorce attorney.

4. Ask Around but Decide for Yourself

Asking for recommendations from friends and family, and using lawyer guides, are both worthwhile ways of finding information about what family law attorney will be right for you. 

Regardless, even if your most trusted friend says they love an attorney and fully endorse their services, the choice should come down to whether or not that lawyer’s style and services align with your needs. Consulting with the attorney yourself is key to making the right choice for you.

A Caring Brownsville Family Law Attorney for You: Phillippe and Associates

No lawyer is right for everyone or every case, and choosing the right attorney is central to your ability to successfully reach your legal goals. Because of this, our team is dedicated to open and honest communication with both prospective and current clients.

Our top priority is providing our clients with the services and information they need to succeed, including letting you know if we think we aren’t the best fit for you. Your needs come first, always.

If you’re considering filing for divorce or bankruptcy, or need help executing a loved one’s will, contact the Brownsville family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Phillippe and Associates today.

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