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About the Law Offices of Phillippe and Associates

The dedicated team at the Law Offices of Phillippe and Associates prides itself on assisting people who are facing difficult financial decisions and situations. We are confident in our ability to resolve difficult legal issues, and we will use our years of experience to represent your best interests. If you are seeking a committed Brownsville bankruptcy attorney, look no further.

Dedicated to Helping Those Facing Difficult Times

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Christoper Phillippe learned early on that dedication and hard work was paramount to success. Through sheer determination, he worked his way up to the position of corporate executive but soon found himself questioning whether or not this was the path that he wanted to set out for himself. Soon, Texas called and placed him in charge of tax collection for a state-wide firm.

As a delinquent tax attorney, Mr. Phillippe was tasked to foreclose houses, and it was something that deeply affected him throughout his career there. After giving it much thought, he decided he would rather help people keep their homes rather than take them away, so he transitioned into bankruptcy law. In this new post, Mr. Phillippe has assisted hundreds of people and helped them keep their homes. As he puts it, “It feels much better to save someone’s house than to take it away.”

Throughout his life, Mr. Phillippe had spent a considerable amount of time in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and California, but it wasn’t until he found Brownsville, Texas where he felt the most welcomed by the friendly community that lives there. Not long after, it would also be the same city where Mr. Phillippe would fall in love with his wife.

Whenever he can, Mr. Phillippe spends his time off the clock to be with his family, read, and get some exercise in. Like many of the clients he helps, Mr. Phillippe values his family above all else, and he understands the pressures that can be put on a family due to financial hardship.

A History of Civic Engagement

Over the years, Mr. Phillippe has been a member of a wide range of organizations and has received a variety of awards. He has dedicated his efforts to serve as a member of each of the following boards and organizations:


American Arbitration Association

American Bar Association

American Trial Lawyers Association

Brownsville Rotary Club

Cameron County Bar Association

College of the State Bar of Texas

Federal Bar Association

Houston Bar Association

Industrial Communications Council

Montgomery County Bar Association


Montgomery County Texas Board

National Eagle Scout Association

Palmer Drug Abuse Program

Sheriff’s Association of Texas

Texas Bar Association

Texas District and County Attorney Association

Texas Municipal League

Texas Trial Lawyers Association

United Way Regional Committee

Mr. Phillippe served as a publicity director for the Houston Forum Club and was the Vice President of the Rio Grande Valley chapter of MENSA. He served as the Executive Director for the Rio Grande Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the Program Leader of the International Association of Business Communications, and as the Campaign Director for NL Industries.

Because of his achievements, Mr. Phillippe has also received an Award of Excellence from the Society for Technical Communications.


The Law Offices of Phillippe and Associates Fight for Brownsville

At the Law Offices of Phillippe and Associates, we believe in the importance of helping others seek justice. Our clients come first, and we will not rest until we find a satisfactory solution for each of them.

Towards that end, we will be doing everything in our power to protect our clients, their health, and their best interests during these uncertain times through in-person consultation with safety protocols in place, teleconferencing, and Zoom conference services. While courts in the state of Texas and across the country are currently operating in a restricted capacity, current legal proceedings may take longer than usual, but if you have questions regarding your legal proceedings, don’t hesitate to call.

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