Our Testimonies

Cristy Torres :⭐⭐ 

Mr. Phillippe has been in the Valley are a very long time and when I got in trouble financially I knew he would be the one to contact. He and his staff are very professional and they led me through the bankruptcy procedure and now I got my life back together.


Sandra Q :⭐⭐ 

When I was about to lose my house due to foreclosure, Mr. Phillippe and his staff helped me to save it and got me on a payment plan. I am so thankful that I found this firm and I don’t have to worry about it.

Rita Lerma :⭐⭐ 

El abogado Phillippe tiene un plan de bancarrota donde uno no tiene que tener el dinero en efectivo para archivar una bancarrota y eso fue lo que me ayudo por que no veía como iba a poder salvar mi casa. Sus ayudantes me guiaron y estoy muy agradecida.

Lopez family :⭐⭐ 

Mr. Phillippe is knowledgeable not only in personal bankruptcies but in business bankruptcies as well. Sometimes unfortunate circumstances lead us to make tough choices but Mr. Phillippe explains how these decisions are sometimes tough but necessary. I recommend this law firm because they were both helpful and friendly.

Anonymous :⭐⭐ 

When I lost my job I couldn’t keep up with paying my bills and attorney Phillippe helped me through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I am able to keep up with the payment plan and saved my house.

Joseph V :⭐⭐ 

Thanks to The Law Office of Phillippe and Associates, I got to keep my house and my car. I could file without paying cash up front with their plan. I recommend them very much.

Francisco Gutierrez :⭐⭐ 

El abogado Phillippe es el más indicado para ayudar con la bancarrota. Me salvo mi casa y me ayudo a seguir con los pagos para pagar deudas poco a poco.